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About Us

We provide a legacy to those who want to change the world.

The focus of American Fiber Green Products, Inc., as a publicly owned holding company, is to bring together synergistic companies that not only make for a cleaner earth, but generate increasing revenues and profits to reward investors who join us in leaving a legacy for our children and their children.

Amour Fiber Core Inc. and American Leisure Products Inc., two separate and distinctive interests, take fiberglass, recycle it, and then manufacture products you want to last 400 years. If you are a Fiberglass manufacturer, you need to partner with us.
Research shows fiberglass waste from the manufacturing process, taken to a landfill, will be there in 400 years. The glass does not break down. The Amour Fiber process, saves it from the landfill, recycles it with our patented process, and then turns it into products you want to last — like railroad ties, sea walls, and items we use everyday like picnic tables.

Recycled plastic has been with us for some time; however, you can’t always use the material for long-term structural items. The Amour process has been tested with the following:

Material sample had no melting or occurance of fire when flame torch was applied.
36-foot beam was driven into the earth using a 2.5 ton hammer with no breakage.
Even at 50 degrees below zero the product remained solid.

But what do you do with the waste generated from the creation of it?

For a generation it has been taken to landfills, and this has to stop. Landfills around the world are filled with fiberglass that does not decompose. These products include shower stalls, sinks, ATM machine “surrounds”; bank displays, boats, airplanes, wind blades.

Partnering with us as a fiberglass manufacturer, investor, consumer, concerned citizen, or government entity allows you to join our cause to leave a lasting legacy for us all.