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AFBG Signs Master Service Agreements With Two Fortune 500 Companies

AFBG Signs Master Service Agreements
With Two Fortune 500 Companies

Tampa, Florida 03/26/12 6:30 a.m.  (AFBG) American Fiber Green Products, Inc. today announced that the company has signed Master Service Agreements with two Global Fortune 500 companies for its fiberglass recycling program.

AFBG President, Daniel L. Hefner, stated, “We are pleased to announce Master Service Agreements with two Fortune 500 companies. Although these MSA are in the multi-billion dollar wind energy divisions, each of these companies has substantial other composite manufacturing operations generating fiberglass trimmings and waste.  We are pleased to be part of their recycling and disposal solutions.”

Hefner continued, “Working with companies of this caliber is a pleasure. They are well organized and safety conscious. They bring their service vendors to a higher level of competence and safety and we welcome the opportunity. Extraction of wind blades can be dangerous because of size and weight, as well as often difficult location. Safety training and precise procedures are required.”

According to AFBG Chairman Kenneth McCleave, “Many of the Fortune 500 companies have divisions that work with composite materials in their manufacturing processes. Globally, disposal of fiberglass generates hundreds of millions of dollars in tipping and transportation fees. We will continue to court these large multi-national companies to build our portfolio of ‘green-minded’ organizations.”

McCleave stated, “AFBG has two subsidiary operations. Amour Fiber Core, Inc. is our fiberglass recycling division. Our other subsidiary is American Leisure Products, Inc. (ALP) This division owns molds for the manufacture of fiberglass vintage hot rod car and truck designs. The hot rod car and other ‘leisure’ products, such as boats, motorcycle trailers represent another multi-billion dollar fiberglass manufacturing industry. ”

American Fiber Green Products, Inc. trades under the symbol AFBG. The company maintains a website at .

AFBG has a Strategic Partner in American Commerce Solutions, Inc. trades Over the Counter under the symbol, AACS. The Company maintains a website at

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