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AFBG Advances Plans For Tampa Facility

AFBG Advances Plans For Tampa Facility   Tampa, Florida 12/26/17   OTC: AFBG   American Fiber Green Products, Inc. announced today that the company expects to begin building a recycling facility in Tampa, Florida in the first quarter of 2018. Chairman Ken McCleave stated, “The Company has been actively pursuing financing and sourcing of equipment to build a fiberglass recycling plant in Tampa, Florida. In that regard, the Company has entered Phase II of engineering design. We have sourced the manufacturer to produce the housing for the conditioner that is a proprietary component of the Amour process.” The significance of a Tampa plant is to facilitate both research and development and for demonstration purposes of production of recycled fiberglass products. Actual demonstration of the process and its results seem to be the catalyst needed to encourage investment and give inspiration to the shareholder base. McCleave continued, “Hurricanes Irma, Harvey and Maria this year have added thousands to the derelict boat population left behind from Hurricane Katrina. Over ten thousand sunken boats have been identified by the Coast Guard just around the coast of Florida and in its rivers and tributaries. Many of these are navigational hazards. A Florida facility can provide an end game for these boats that will keep them out of the landfill and generate revenue for AFBG.” American Fiber Green Products, Inc. trades Over the Counter under the symbol AFBG.PK. The company currently maintains a website at . Under the Safe Harbor rules consider the following: Any portion of this presentation that is not historical in nature is subject to change due to any number of factors that are not under the control of the Company or its officers. As such, anyone reading this presentation should consider the possibility that material differences from the information presented may occur and should be verified before any consideration to invest. Contact info: Dan Hefner  813-244-9843