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Presidents Letter

President’s Letter

April 2015

 American Fiber Green Products, Inc. has weathered some pretty rocky times over the years. Creating awareness of the unique opportunity afforded by the Amour Fiber Core, Inc. fiberglass recycling technology has been a challenge, but I am pleased to say that we have finally created a network of clients that are providing the flow of waste fiberglass required to sustain a consistent production flow of recycled products. Our client list is a Who’s Who of wind energy producers and component manufacturers. Since August 2012, we have cut and inventoried hundreds of wind blades to become part of the Amour recycling process. Soon we will begin grinding and with a little help from our friends (funding sources). We will begin to build a manufacturing plant. Until we build that first plant, the world will remain skeptical of our capability. When it is built, they will flock to us and compete for a place in line to have their waste material handled by Amour!

For almost a year and a half we have been working with a major fiber manufacturer to become their recycling solution for waste fiberglass. They have multiple manufacturing facilities around the world. Each facility produces enough raw material from production to supply all of the hard material required for a full production recycled fiberglass manufacturing industry. We have entered into a long-term contract to handle all fiberglass waste starting with one location and gradually becoming the sole solution. It will be this type of client that will provide the consistent flow of inventory required to manufacture products such as fence posts, parking stops or pavers in sufficient supply to be able to market the products with confidence. Decisions are pending and we expect to make a joint announcement in the near future.

Our current share price reflects the state of flux in which the operating company finds itself today. Although we have worked hard to establish AFBG as the ‘go to’ company for fiberglass recycling, we have not broken the barrier of having full production. When we do, the current 1100 plus shareholders will receive the reward reserved for those who believe and act early. With a little publicity, that will come soon via industry publications, press releases and contract announcements, we do expect that the company’s profile for potential investors will be greatly enhanced. Currently, we have no significant buying or selling pressure on the stock. This indicates that current shareholders are not eager to sell, but there are a limited number of new investors eager to buy.

In 2014 we completed our first international transaction with fiberglass material being shipped into our Tampa, Florida location for recycling from the Cayman Islands. The company received over 1400 fiberglass tanks from Home Gas Ltd. Cayman. Additionally, we sent our crews into British Columbia, Canada for a substantial recycling opportunity That job will be completed in the near future. The significance of these opportunities coming to us is the realization that we represent the best solution to the fiberglass community worldwide. This is validation that the 23 countries that have sought the technology or license agreements or asking when we will offer the service in their country are still viable opportunities for the company.

AFBG is a fully reporting public company and as such all of our pertinent financial detail is filed on the SEC electronic filing system, EDGAR. This financial information is reviewed by our auditing CPA firm, Messineo & Company, on a quarterly basis and audited annually. In additional, significant changes in direction, employment contracts, officer and Director positions and biographical information are recorded. I suggest that every shareholder review the quarterly filings and feel free to ask questions of management through the website .

The company engaged Black Cat Consulting, Inc. to assist the company in the areas of corporate communications and public relations, generally defined below:

Company hereby engages Consultant to provide one or more plans, and for coordination in executing the agreed-upon plan, for using various corporate communications and broker relations services as agreed by both Parties. The plan may include, but not by way of limitation, the following services: consulting with Company’s management concerning investor accreditation, opportunities to expand investor base, investor support, broker relations, conducting due diligence meetings, attendance at conventions and trade shows, and assistance in the dissemination of press releases and stockholder communications prepared by Company. In addition, these services will include production of a corporate profile and fact sheets, personal consultant services. We will provide print and electronic media advertising, including but not by way of limitation, due diligence meetings, investor conferences and institutional conferences, printed media advertising, newsletter production, electronic public relations campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and placement in investment and financial publications.”


It is anticipated that this increased effort to open and maintain better communications with current and prospective shareholders will benefit the company substantially and prove to be of substantial value to management.

In conjunction with these efforts, it is anticipated that the company will have increased corporate exposure through a number of anticipated interviews previously requested by local television news and several industry specific magazines.