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To Make Major Announcement

Tampa, Florida 5/21/2015 OTC: AFBG American Fiber Green Products, Inc. today released the following statement: “Within the next several days, a major announcement will be made concerning the future of AFBG. The announcement will herald a significant breakthrough for the company. The timing of the release is being coordinated and is expected to come next week,” according to Kenneth McCleave, AFBG Chairman.

McCleave continued, “The coming announcement is the culmination of over a year of negotiation and will bring international attention to the Amour Fiber Core recycling technology, exclusively available through the AFBG subsidiary. Current and future shareholders will immediately recognize the significant opportunity that exists with American Fiber Green Products.”

American Fiber Green Products, Inc. trades Over the Counter under the symbol AFBG. The company’s recently updated website is .

AFBG has a Strategic Partner in American Commerce Solutions, Inc. which also trades Over the Counter under the symbol, AACS. The Company maintains a website at .

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