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What Is The Plan

American Fiber Green Products Inc. the public company operates 3 divisions. Each division has laid out objectives that are being worked and completed daily.


Amour Fiber Core

Amour, the fiberglass recycling division, has identified several products to be built from the used fiberglass and resins. There are hundreds of products that can be made from the patented process.

Here are a few:

  • Pavers
  • Fence Posts
  • Composite Lumber

Each of these items requires similar approaches to enter the market, but they all require one important material, used fiberglass and resins.

By identifying the market we believe we have the answer to some unsolved problems. In the Composite Lumber industry answers are available for ½ the ongoing problem rotting wood. By now most of us have seen composite decking lumber. This is the solution to keep your deck from rotting within a few short years. The problem the composite is being placed on the same pressure treated wood that starts rotting and the deck looks great! Amour has the solution for the other ½ of the problem. Our lab tests show structural strength that will replace the pressure treated wood. With the two combined composite boards will solve a problem.

Fence posts that are being made from wood have the same problem. Using the Amour process we could offer a 20+ year warranty.

Pavers made by using the Amour process can be color matched to the project. Our testing shows we can make pavers that will be better than the traditional concrete pavers that deteriorate and break over time.


Gathering fiberglass

The two largest home improvement companies have combined retail stores in the US in excess of 3000 units.  If we make the decision to start supplying these stores, and only receive 50 % or 1500 locations and if each location purchased 100 boards (and that’s just one order), as you can see we need to have lots of material on hand. We can’t buy the material. We have to have “feed stock” to make sure we can meet the sale requirements. AFBG/AMOUR has been in the “gathering” stages of our ramp up to production. We currently have 4 “storage” yards in the US.


American Fiberglass Manufacturing Inc. (formerly American Leisure Products).

The name American Leisure Products was somewhat confusing because of the “Leisure” portion of the name. We will continue to look for opportunities that will allow us to use and market the Amour material looking at both vertical and horizontal growth.

Recognizing the use of our recycled material in many different products AFM is developing products that can be used in several industries, Automotive, Boating, and Industrial. By utilizing the recycled Amour process, we plan to development fillers as additives to concrete and putties that are in demand for many other non composite and composite industries.

The name change to American Fiberglass Manufacturing will allow us to be better recognized within these industries.


Street Car USA


Street Car USA will continue development of its replica cars, branding its name “Street Car USA”. We will continue to focus on products that we can own a portion of or acquire  insuring the use of the recycled Amour bi product.


Is there enough material?

Click on the report about the top manufactures production

The report does not include data on the number of lbs of cloth and strands fiberglass. However, based on the 50% match up, you can get the feel for the number of lbs of hard material.

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