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Fiberglass Recycling

The benefit and the green impact of recycling fiberglass is understated.

American Fiber Green Products  is providing a certified, audited system.

As the recycle market evolution becomes stable and an accepted industry standard is finalized the science to equate a ton of fiberglass material will become fully recognized.

Companies who work through our system to reduce landfill and recycle will become qualified for carbon neutral status. AFGP offers this program to you to verify the efforts taken to become more environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon footprint.

AFGP will record and track and certify the tonage of recycled fiberglass material. Once this is completed the records will be made available to some of the platforms that are developing to use these certifications to establish credits. AFGP believes within the next few years, these credits for recycled fiberglass will lead into directions such as carbon tax credits cap & trade regulations, energy recycling tax credits or some other program, instrument that currently does not exist.  By banking these certified credits, you may see a free and fair market value equal to or greater than the current value of some of the scrap themselves resulting in positive impact.

The Fiberglass Recycling Process

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The late Bill Amour was the man who invented and patented the fiberglass recycling process operated by American Fiber Green Products. Join the cause to see Mr. Amour's dream become a reality.

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