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Air Filters

Great News we have the ability to recycling your filters!

There are millions of filters going into our landfills. AMOUR patented method will allow us to use the fiberglass material and the paper to be 100% recycled.

Another ….item that can be land fill free!

In our searches to recycle Air Filters we have found:


Some of the filter manufacturers are saying, “You may want to talk to your Supplier to see if they offer a recycling program”


One company cleans your filter while another will just process your used filter into a recycled filter.

However the “AMOUR” method will not recycle the filter into another air filter ……….we recycle the material into different fiberglass products altogether.


acAmerican Fiber Green is setting up a test trial web site for filter recycling.

Our First Test is for: The Dealer-Distributors

Dealers- Distributors

Please email for your pass word to our test site!

Click here for email

Costs: Breaking down the filters separating the paper, metal, and finally the fiberglass will require some labor. AFBG will have a small fee for each filter for the labor and the stamps to ship the filters to us. We have started the cost per filter at $3.50  (shipped from the furthest US point to our facility in Florida). The costs could be reduced depending on the shipping costs.

Home Owners

We are completing our cost studies on receiving your filters from your home.… Please fill out the form (click here) if you are interested in recycling your filters.