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Boat Recycling

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Boat recycling + truck cabs +bathtubs showers sink

Finding old boats isn’t too hard… they’re filled with leaves in back yards, some are abandoned, some have barnacles growing off the bottom but all of them have one thing in common; they are not wanted! They have all outlived their usefulness. Boats made of fiberglass do not rust or rot. They just don’t go away. The only way to get rid of the boat is to take it to a land fill where it will be burned or buried. Sometimes someone gets an idea to start a boat recycling business. We have received several calls from entrepreneurs that have started such a business. One such story is a gentleman that convinced his relatives to fund his new business.

After stripping the motor, the windshield, tanks, out drives, and using their labor they are left with the fiberglass boat and no idea how to get rid of the fiberglass.  When the 2 acres started to get full of the fiberglass boat remains, they found out that the only means to get rid of the fiberglass was to take it to the land fill, at a cost sometimes higher than what they received for the metal parts. Currently they have over 200 hundred boats and the relatives will have to fund the cost to close down the operation and take the boats to the land fill. Florida has over 10,000 abandoned boats in the water ways. Since 1997 Florida, as well as other states, have tried to keep up with the boat problem. Florida has over a million registered boats. In Florida, the government in recent years budgeted over a million dollars to start removing the abandoned boats. The funds were depleted in less than 4 months and did not make a dent into the total boats.

The 3 processes for fiberglass disposal

  1. Land fill (400 year life cycle)
  2. Incineration (usually land filled owned) “thermal oxidation” is an unfortunate method the supply is not steady, the burning of fiberglass creates a by –product, ash, which on clean up goes to the land fill some study’s are showing as much as 25%to 30%.
  3. RECYCLING American Fiber Green Products’ Amour process grinds up the boats and can recycle 100% of the fiberglass.

American Fiber Green Products’ Amour has a plan!

How it works

We are faced with the cost of dismantling the boat by removing all the steel, seats and motor drives. We have to separate all steel and aluminum. The boat is reduced to only the fiberglass. We then will down size the boat to small pieces that will go into our patented conditioner. From the conditioner we will be able to blend our formulated mixture of material and make new products.

What do we charge?

Our locations (depending on the need) will have a service to pick up the boat. As you can see from the work involved, each boat will require a disposal fee. Most of the hardware, motors and anything of value have usually been stripped from the boat. The recovery of these items usually does not offset the labor to remove the parts.

Our goal is to keep the cost of this disposal as close to the local land fill costs. However, based on the amount of labor to get the boat ready to process, we will have to price each boat based on labor involved.