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Manufacturers who use fiberglass and resin in their process!

There are many methods of using fiberglass and resin in Composite manufacturing.

AFBG has listed with pictures a variety of material samples that have been sent to us to see if they can be recycled. Please look at the sample pictures. You may find items that look similar to your waste fiberglass.

How do we get started?

Go to the link “” We have established this site that takes you through the steps needed to qualify your waste fiberglass, resin and gel coat for our program.

Here are a few of the processes that our customers are using and the fiberglass will work in our procedures:

  • Molding customers
  • open molding
  • process winding
  • closed molding
  • Companies who manufacture virgin fiberglass
  • Do you have rolls of glass that can not be sold as new?
  • Do you generate left over Resin and or Resin that will not meet your standards?
  • Do you cut material “such as cloth mat-roving” for the molds and have extra “trimmings”?
  • In your process do you have parts that don’t pass QC?
  • Do you have “Over runs”
  • Trim – everything in trimming can be used.

Do you see anything you make?